Real Estate Investing Techniques – Automate and Grow Rich

Being successful with real estate investing requires you to do many activities over and over again. Unfortunately, since most of these activities are time consuming, most investors tend to do them poorly or skip them entirely.

For example, a key activity is building a buyers list. 9 out of 10 investors skip this critical step because they don’t realize the importance of a buyers list and/or because it’s simply too manpower intensive.

A common factor among all successful real estate investors is automation, something rarely discussed in most seminars (mainly because most speakers rarely have figured this out and/or are not qualified to talk about the topic).

You can address this issue by developing a Web site that automates and streamlines many of your critical functions including:

  • Capturing the buyer’s contact information (name, email address, phone number, etc) and other key information including when they are moving, how much they have down, etc
  • Updating the current status of a buyer (down payment made, left voicemail, etc)
  • Publishing and updating the current inventory (with text, photos and videos) through point and click

The website, by no means has to be “state of the art”. However, adding some simple automation helps to get the job done. Most of the functionality necessary can be incorporated in a web site for a modest sum of money. In today’s business environment, there is really no excuse to not have a web presence.

Once again, whether you are web savvy or a complete technophobe, the development of such a web site and/or system can and should be outsourced. Competent web consultants can be hired on the web and a system can be deployed in a matter of a week or two.